What Moms Are Saying About Online Personal Training

"In November I lost 8lbs on the 10 day challenge and I was over the moonI was toned and I was lighter, my clothes felt looser, it was just the kick start I needed!  I felt like I had been knocked out of my bad eating habits and I had discovered that there WAS time in my day to work out.  So armed with my trusty old fitness video and motivation to keep eating clean, I forged ahead alone.

Now I'm a VERY motivated person and I did work out four times per week but I was bored with the same routine.  So when another 10 day challenge rolled around, I was SO ready to jump back on the wagon, but this time I didn't want to fall off.  

I realized that I couldn't live from challenge to challenge using them as quick fixes, I needed something more steady, more sustainable while still getting fantastic results.  So after my second 10 day challenge I continued straight onto the month personal training package.  

Am I glad I did?!  The lbs keep dropping off at an average of 2lbs per week.  I get more meal ideas, I get to experience new and fun workouts that are tailor made to my goals, and I get the burn of a challenging work out.  I exercise on the days that work for me.  I get my community and accountability back plus other motivational, inspirational and dietary tips.

It is three months since I began Kiera's programs and so far I have lost 17lbs.  I feel and look better that I have in years!  Kiera's program works because they are easy to stick to and are tailor made to me and my lifestyle!” Emma mom of 2, Brooklyn NY

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Online Personal Training

Online personal training is great program for moms to get back in shape and regain their energy.  There are no quick - fixes and making changes to your lifestyle does take time.  Training Wheels will help you every step of the way!  Here's what we offer with our online personal training program:

- 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation via Skype of Facetime.  This will give us the opportunity to speak face to face. We'll speak about your goals and this will help us create a plan that works for YOU!

- Fitness: You're a mom and you're busy.  We keep the workouts to be less than 20 minutes. These are efficient and effective workouts that require minimum equipment. We recommend resistance band, 5 lb weights and a foam roller.  

- Nutrition: We provide healthy clean eating recipe ideas on a monthly basis. You'll have a variety ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  

- Community Support and Accountability: We have a secret Facebook group that allows you to connect with other moms.  You'll share meal ideas, post fun workout photos and receive support from other moms on a daily basis.

- Unlimited Email/ Facebook Messaging support from your trainer.

- "The Daily Dose" is exclusive content for online personal training clients only.  Each day you'll receive motivation, inspiration and nutrition tips and advice to keep you moving in the right direction.

The beneifts of online personal training:

- The cost is much less than working with a personal trainer in your home or in a gym.  The average rate for a personal trainer is $60-$80 per session. With Training Wheels Online Personal Training, you're spending $1.96 per day!  

- You don't have to worry about rushing to the gym or cancelling appointments and getting penalized for it.  Training Wheels creates a schedule that fits your lifestyle.  You can even workout in pajamas if you wanted too!

- Continuous support and connecting with other moms all over the world.  

Please email us for pricing information at: trainingwheelsstrollerfitness@gmail.com