"I'll note that it's not so much about how much you lose, but that you are taking time to care for yourself. That's where much of the stress comes from for me... putting myself first and saying *I* need to take care of myself. *I* need to eat healthy food. *I* WANT to feel better (last time around, this challenge single-handedly solved some digestive issues I'd been having for many, many months - my wonderful, holistic doctor wanted me to take pills for the rest of my life). 

It's ok, no, actually it's IMPERATIVE - after all, you are in the only body you got and if you give your all to someone else, you aren't taking care of yourself, amiright? But anyway, the thing is, we all give of ourselves to everyone else all the time for deeply intense, sometimes - oftentimes - way below the surface reasons. If we don't give everything to our babies, what kind of mothers are we? But here's the rub - it's a balancing act. If we give EVERYthing to our babies, we are depriving them of the most important thing they could ever have - a healthy, happy mama/role model/caretaker." Kelly J.